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Double-shaft multi-saw 


Multi-saw disc saw WD-200/240/M is designed for cutting logs into planks, battens, or square timbers in a very broad range of thickness from 30 to 200 mm. Thanks to different available options of the machine achieved by different engine powers applied, the device is used in small, medium, and even large woodwork facilities. By using high quality materials, durable design, and hardening the lead rollers as well as anti-recoil protection, the machine can operate trouble-free for a very long time. 


To eliminate the necessary often stoppages of the machine due to clogging of the sawdust extractor with wood shaves and pieces of bark, we installed in the bottom section of the machine a MINI-CHOPPER TM, which completely eliminates to need to stop the machine caused by stuffing and obstruction of the sawdust extracting channel. Thanks to the mini-chopper installed, the shaves and bark getting together with the sawdust into the extraction channel are immediately cut, and together with the sawdust dropped into the suction pipe of the sawdust extractor.

Main features of the WD-200/240M

Minimised electrical power consumption

Thanks to the applied mechanism of the both saw spindles positioning

High efficiency

Obtained through the possibility of optimum setting of the spindles resulting in even load distribution of the both engines

Small dimensions

Compared against the technical parameters thanks to compact design of the machine

Possible continuous operation

without the need of stopping the machine and unclogging the sawdust extraction channel thanks to the use of the mini-chopper TM underneath the cutting unit

Minor losses on sawdust

Due to the possibility of using saws of different diameters depending on the thickness of the material cut

Auxiliary equipment


Feed-receive bench


DN 250x60x3,2/2,2 z =16+2


DN 300x60x3,2/2,2 z =16+4  

sawdust extraction

saw dividers


Technical data

  • 200 - 315mm diameter of circular saws
  • 200 mmthickness of the log cut
  • 20 mmthickness of the log cut
  • standard 460 mm, option 540 mmmax. width of the log cut
  • 10 piecesmax. number of circular saws on the spindle
  • 60 mmdiameter of the spindle
  • 2 × 11 kW to 30 kWsaw shafts rotations
  • 3500 rot./minsaw shafts rotations
  • 1.5 kW power of the feed drive engine
  • 0 ÷ 12 m/min. range of the feed speed
  • 3 × 400 V, 50 Hz power supply
  • to 10 m³/h machine efficiency
    (depending on spindle engines power and
    level of the log fineness)
  • 2 × 150 mmsawdust extraction nozzles
  • 82 [dBA]noise emissions below
  • 1400 × 1150 × 1540 mmstandard dimensions (l × w × h)
  • 1850 kg Machine weight