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Multi-saw disc saw TT-400 type designed for cutting medium-sized timber of diameter up to 380 mm. The machine is produced in different options depending on the power of the saw spindle engines installed. It provides obtaining the required efficiency depending on the company needs. Installing engines equipped with saw spindles in pairs on two independent plates allows very fast change of the thickness of the central log. To achieve an approximate load of the upper and lower saw drives, the machine is equipped with an electrical mechanism of lifting the feed-receive bench.


To eliminate the necessary often stoppages of the machine due to clogging of the sawdust extractor with wood shaves and pieces of bark, we installed in the bottom section of the machine a MINI-CHOPPER TM, which completely eliminates to need to stop the machine caused by stuffing and obstruction of the sawdust extracting channel. Thanks to the mini-chopper installed, the shaves and bark getting together with the sawdust into the extraction channel are immediately cut, and together with the sawdust dropped into the suction pipe of the sawdust extractor.

Main features of the TT-400

Minimised electrical power consumption 

Thanks to installing disc saws on the spindles put directly on the engine shafts, thus obtaining even load distribution of the engines by the means of the electrical mechanism of the bench lifting. 

Significant increase of efficiency 

Thanks to even load distribution of the engines 
(significant increase of the machine efficiency thanks to the above-mentioned solutions)

Quick change of the cut central log thickness 

On the machine body there have been installed two sliding engine plates; on each of them two engines, equipped with saw spindles, have been affixed. This enables a very fast and easy change of the thicknesses of the central log cutting without dismantling the cutting saws. 

Auxiliary equipment



DN 500x60x5,5/3,5 z = 18+4

sawdust extraction

efficiency 3800 m3/H 5,5 kW, nozzle diameter 150mm , double inlet

stół podawczy

non-standard feed bench as per customer’s individual request


Technical data

  • 500 mm diameter of disc saws 
  • 380 mm max. diameter of material cut
  • 100 mm min. thickness of material cut 
  • 160 mm max. thickness of the central log 
  • 60 mm min. thickness of the central log
  • 2 pieces on each engine max. number of saws 
  • 60 mm diameter of saw spindles 
  • 4 × 7,5 kW to 11 kW engines power
  • 1450 rot./minute engine rotations 
  • 1.5 kW power of the feed drive engine
  • 0.25 kW power of the bench lifting engine drive
  • 0 ÷ 12 m/min. range of the feed speed
  • 80 mm range of bench lifting
  • 1450 rot./min. rotations of the feed drive engine
  • 0-15m/min range of the feed speed 
  • 3 × 400 W, 50 Hz power supply
  • do 10 m³/h machine efficiency (depending on spindle engines power and level of the log fineness)
  • 2 × 150 mm sawdust extraction nozzles
  • 92,6 ± 1,8 [dBA]
    103,8 ± 1,0 [dBA]
    acoustic pressure level at the workstation 
    Sound power level
  • 5600 × 1800 × 1700 mm standard dimensions (l × w × h)
  • 1250 kg machine weight